Aluminium Foil Pouches for Food Packaging as a cost-effective alternative to traditional packaging

Are you looking for the right packaging solution for the products that you want to reach to your consumer safely without getting contaminated?

Are you looking for that smart pouch design that will attract and make the buyer buy your food products from among other products on the shop shelf?

Are you looking for a packaging solution for your food that is user-friendly?

Yes, then we are here with the right and 100% perfect solution for all your problems.

Yes, you have guessed it right, the Aluminium Foil pouches for food packaging.

These days, due to CORONA, people are always looking for safe solutions for their eating needs. So, Aluminium Foil Pouches are the best option that can serve the need and safety of your consumer.


The material we use for making these pouches is FDA Approved Food-Grade Material and the best alternative to other flexible packaging materials that are used for the packaging of food.

Our Aluminium Foil pouches protect the food from dirt and Moisture. They keep the Food Hot for Longer Time, maintains a High Nutrition level. When it comes to locking the heat and freshness inside, nothing can beat aluminium. Both Cooked or Uncooked Food (Veg and Non-Veg) can be packed in these pouches which lock in the freshness of the food for a longer time and also prevent aroma transfer.

Again, from the environmental point of view, Aluminium can be reshaped and recycled again and again and hence is very safe over the plastic pouches. Aluminium Foil Pouches are categorized in recyclable flexible packaging. Hence, Aluminium foil pouches are the most environmentally friendly option. Paper bags can also be a good option when the environment is considered but they can’t prevent the stored contents totally from oxygen and moisture. Whereas, Aluminium foil pouches are strong and offer maximum resistance to oxygen, chemicals, water vapors, and other things that damages the quality of the stored content.

Moreover, as the aluminium foil pouches are lightweight, they are travel-friendly and occupy less space.


There is a variety of food that can be packed in these pouches like biscuits and snacks, cereals, confectionery, dairy, baby food, ready meals, soups and sauces, coffee, dry and wet pet foods, etc,.


As per the survey conducted by the Indian Institute of packaging (IIP), in terms of both value and volume, the Aluminium foil pouch segment is going to lead the food packaging market by 2025 among all the flexible packaging film types. The Asia Pacific is going to be the biggest market to use flexible packaging materials like aluminium film pouches. The next regions in the line are Europe, North America, Middle East, and Africa, Latin America respectively.

Food and beverages packaging is the biggest segment using flexible packaging material.
From a sustainability perspective also Aluminium Foil Pouches are considered the best option globally for food packaging among other flexible packaging options available.


The size and design of the pouch can vary on the basis of the weight and the type of content to be packed. We offer different types of Printed or plain Aluminium Foil Pouches as follows:
1) Stand Up Pouch
2) Side Gusset Pouch
3) Barrier Bulk bag
4) Pillow Pouch
These pouches can be offered both in Printed and plain form.


aluminium foil pouches, recyclable flexible packaging

We use leading-edge technology and experienced professionals to offer an extensive range of Stand up Pouches with zippers that are mainly used in food and chemical processing industries. These pouches are designed under the guidance of skilled and professional people as per the latest market trends. These pouches are in most demand in the market for their features like durability, tear-resistance, and the perfect finish. The pouch design can be customized according to the need on the basis of colors, shapes, and sizes.


What is flexible packaging, Printed aluminium foil pouch

Side gusset pouches are convenient, HIGHLY TEAR RESISTANT, AND stylish. These Gusseted Pouches are in high demand these days in the packaging industry because of their ease of use and less space-consuming factor. They are not only visually attractive, but they also protect the quality of your product with strong protective barriers that are specifically designed with the application and product needs in mind like vent holes, handles, and corner tack seals for easier sealing after the Pouch’s initial opening.


In order to avoid tearing due to stacking, bulk carrier bags are designed to offer superior drop resistance, moisture and oxygen protection, and heat dissipation to overcome stacking issues associated with hot filling such products. The bulk barrier bag is developed through a unique registered flexible packaging process that helps in reducing sealant thickness while providing air cushioning to enhance its drop resistance. These are used for filling heavy contents like atta, rice, dals, etc,.


Flexible Packaging Film types, how do you make a good pouch with aluminum foil

Our flexible packaging pillow pouch can be used for packing fortified cereals and snack mixes. These are designed to help brands improve the looks and of their products, convey exclusive product benefits through unique shapes, metallic effects, holographic effects, glow-in-dark and fluorescent inks, paper-based materials, lacquers for soft touch or grainy effects, and so on.
Our Aluminium Flexible pouches undergo various tests under the supervision of quality controllers, in order to ensure their flawlessness. Apart from this, we provide an entire range in various sizes at affordable prices.


For us, the packaging is about building brands, opening new opportunities in new markets, and so much more than just what goes around a product. We emphasize protecting reputations as much as products with our technically designed, highly recyclable aluminium foil pouches. To help our customers develop and grow, we are constantly coming up with new innovations in designs and opening technology of our Aluminium Foil Flexible Pouches. We always try to give our state of the world experience and strong technical capabilities to help brands serve more packaging convenience, sustainability and keep pace with rapid change along with personalization.
Being the specialists of Aluminium flexible pouch packaging, our purpose is to help the brands to reach people easily with their great products.

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