Chocolate wrapping ideas

Chocolate wrapping ideas & the guide on the selection of suitable packaging materials

Did you know that the first chocolate bar was made in 1819 in Switzerland and before that chocolate was enjoyed mostly as a drink?

Chocolate is the only food item that has admirals of all ages. It has the ability to produce intense emotions of happiness and its single bite only takes us into a heavenly world of delectable flavors. Chocolates also make great and perfect holiday gifts be it Christmas, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, or any other festival. Birthdays are always incomplete without chocolates. It’s a sophisticated addition to the gift basket.

You might have seen the chocolates wrapped in catchy wrappers in different creative ways which makes them look amazing and irresistible. With time Chocolate wrapping ideas, the art of chocolate wrapping design is evolving and getting more and more appealing. It’s long debated by scientists that why human loves to unwrap things so much and the answer is simple as when you know there is something so delicious hidden inside, who wouldn’t want to delay the moment.

Criteria to select the right chocolate wrapping material based on chocolate wrapping ideas.

Normally, to customize chocolate wrapping packaging material, the following factors are taken into consideration:

•        Chemical composition of the product to be packed
•        Aesthetic values of the packaging material
•        Weight, size, shape, and capacity of the content
•        Heat-resistant qualities

Depending upon the type of chocolate to be wrapped, the right packaging material and right chocolate wrapping machine selection is done.

Most commonly used chocolate wrapping materials:

Some of the very commonly used chocolate wrapping materials are metalized papers, waxed chocolate wrapping paper, PVC film for blister packing, printed or plain aluminium foil etc.

1) Metallized paper for chocolate wrapping:

chocolate wrapping paper, chocolate wrapping ideas

Be it Ferrero Rocher or KitKat, metallized paper is the ultimate choice for wrapping most of the types of chocolates that make them look eye-catching and alluring.

Metallized paper packaging is ideal for chocolate packing as it is paper-based and is eco-friendly, recyclable, and still offers the premium, glossy, and high-quality looks favored by brands and consumers. Chocolate wrapping in colored foil paper gives an extra appealing look. They are approved for direct food contact and are ideal for chocolate packaging. The major technical benefits of metallized paper are:

They have high barrier properties

* As it is paper-based chocolate wrap material, it is eco-friendly and recyclable

* It is approved for direct food contact and is ideal for any size of chocolate bar

* They are printable also and hence can offer customized packaging

2)  Waxed chocolate wrapping paper:

chocolate wrapping, waxed chocolate wrapping paper

For a variety of reasons, wax is used to coat chocolate wrappers. Many chocolates and candies are sticky, especially toffee and other chewy candies. Waxed chocolate wrapping paper has special features like translucency, oil resistance, and non-toxicity. The coating of wax on the chocolate wrapping paper creates a barrier between the paper wrapper and the sticky chocolate and acts as a release agent. Wax coating on the paper makes it more durable even if it comes in contact with moisture. A waxed paper sheet makes it easier to unwrap and enjoy the chocolate.

Mostly, the chocolates are wrapped by twisting packaging material on one side and simply folding the other side to hold the candy in the packing paper. The wax coating on the paper wrapper helps to hold the twists tight from coming undone.

3) PVC film for blister packing of chocolates: 

foil for chocolate wrapping, aluminium blister foil,

The kid’s favorite gems are preferably packed in blister form. One side of the pack is thermoformed PVC film and another side is Aluminium blister foil. As PVC Film and Aluminium Foil, both have very good barrier properties, the chocolate packed in it is protected from the moisture in the environment. As the PVC film is rigid, it also protects the gems from breaking. Also, as each gem candy is individually packed, taking out one gem doesn’t expose other gems to the atmosphere. Aluminium foil being easily tear-able, it also becomes easy for kids to take out the chocolates. The shape and the transparency of the blister pack make the kids attract to it.

4) Aluminum Foil for chocolate wrapping:

chocolate wrapping foil, gold foil for chocolate wrapping

Chocolates like Coin Chocolates and Football Chocolates are directly wrapped in super shiny golden aluminium foil. As Aluminium foil is easy to cut, fold and form the punched design, it makes the chocolate wrapping process easier and gives a real coin look to the chocolate. Golden, as well as silver aluminium foil, is used to make the coin chocolates.

Aluminium foil being easily printable, the football chocolates are packed in the printed aluminium foil with the football print in different colors. Aluminium foil is easily recyclable an infinite number of times and hence it is the most sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solution for chocolate wrapping.

5) Rigid PVC Film for Chocolate packing:

chocolate wrapping ideas, rigid pvc film,

In the world of chocolate packaging, Kinder Joy is simply a marvel. It’s the epitome of creativity in the field of packaging. The two halves formed out of rigid PVC film are sealed together with two wonders inside, one being chocolate and the other being the toy. The PVC film used for it is recyclable and hence it is an eco-friendly option for chocolate packing.
It gives the complete user experience by ensuring that it can be conveniently eaten anywhere without spilling. One-half of the egg serves as a small bowl to eat cream and wafers without the fear of spilling it. The other half of the egg contains the toy with an instruction pamphlet. A small flap is given on the corner which makes the peeling extremely easy for the children. As PVC film has very good sealing strength, it protects the creamy chocolate from leaking. From an aesthetic point of view, as PVC Film is easy to print on and easy for forming also, the design can be customized according to the need.

6) PVC Twist Wrap Film:

chocolate wrapping paper, twist wrap foil

PVC twist wrap films are totally non-toxic and are very much preferred by the confectionery industry to wrap small chocolates. Cellophane and other types of films that are used in the confectionery industry are often replaced by PVC twist wrap films. These films are available both in printed and unprinted reel form. These twist wrap films come in transparent metallized, colored, gold lacquered form. The main reasons that make these films suitable for chocolate wrapping are that they are static-free and twist retaining.


Now a days, packaging has become a form of branding in the modern consumer world. That’s why the confectionery industry is giving more and more emphasis on the eye-catching and appealing packaging of their chocolates and candies to stand out in a retail setting. The emphasis is also given to other critical parameters like food safety and shelf life.


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