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What is sustainable flexible packaging? and how to select the best sustainable packaging materials for your product?

Have you ever got irritated looking at the candy wrappers, biscuit wrappers, snack wrappers, and other packets lying around?

Do you know that these packaging materials can be completely recycled and reused for the packaging?

Yes, sustainable flexible packaging is the perfect choice when it comes to sustainability. It has many advantages in comparison with other kinds of packaging. It is one of the most resource and energy-efficient packaging materials.

sustainable packaging materials

The value of packaging has much more than just packing the content. Its impact on the planet makes much more difference than just packaging. It makes a difference in the food system value chain in many ways by minimizing the negative impact on the environment and simultaneously maximizing the positive impact on the consumers and society.

Sustainable Flexible packaging advantage facts for Circular Economy:

With the climate crisis, more and more emphasis is being given to minimize the environmental damage or harmful emissions causing due to the production processes. The care is always taken that the resources will be reused to sustain the global increase in the population which is popularly known as a ‘Circular Economy. A circular economy allows one person’s waste to be another person’s resource and helps in creating a more efficient supply chain.

When it comes to sustainability, flexible packaging performs very well. It comes with many advantages as compared with other types of packaging. It supports the circular economy in the following ways:

1) It minimizes the use of resources and waste

It’s not just about circularity and recycling. It also targets at minimizing the use of resources and also the generation of waste.

2) It causes fewer material losses

Throughout its life cycle, sustainable flexible packaging generates fewer losses as compared to the other packaging materials.

3) It results in the reduction of food waste

As flexible packaging allows the packing and transportation of small amounts of food, it supports the circular economy by reducing food waste.

4) It provides a higher product to package ratio

As flexible packaging has a higher product to package ratio, it creates fewer emissions while transportation of the waste material and takes up less space in landfills after use.

Circular Economy, Sustainable Flexible Packaging, Circular Economy Diagram

Criteria for determining the sustainability of packaging:

The sustainability of the packaging is determined on the basis of different factors as follows:

  1. Is the flexible packaging material used is beneficial, safe, and healthy for humans and other communities throughout its lifecycle.
  2. Whether the material used for packaging optimizes the use of recycled and renewable source material.
  3. Whether the packaging material used is sourced, manufactured, transported, and recycled using renewable energy.
  4. Does the packaging material meet the market criteria for cost and performance.
  5. Is the material manufactured using best practices and clean production technologies?
  6. If the packaging material is properly and effectively recovered and the same is reused in biological and/or industrial closed-loop cycles.
  7. Whether the packaging material used is made from materials that are healthy throughout the life cycle.

Different kinds of sustainable packaging materials for food packaging and other applications:

There is a wide variety of sustainable flexible packaging material solutions to help in choosing the right packaging material for the right content. Depending upon the application, there are different kinds of eco-friendly packaging materials available:

1) Double gusseted bags

eco-friendly packaging, eco-friendly packaging supplies, Double gusseted bags

The extra sensitive products which need extra care and protection, the double gusseted bags are used which are made from eco-friendly packaging material which have high-barrier properties and offer a sustainable solution to pack your product.

Features and advantages:

          a) These bags are designed for recycling

          b) They meet sustainability targets

          c) These bags are available in mono PP or mixed PP/PE structures

          d) These structures offer moisture protection with high barrier materials

          e) Offer improved pack branding with registered printed gussets

          f)  These bags are suitable for products with high barrier needs such as
              detergents, coffee, and powdered beverages.

2)  Customized Sustainable Flexible packaging for food

custom eco friendly packaging, flexible packaging, recyclable packaging

            Customized packaging allows the consumer to have enjoyable experiences by combining rich aesthetic possibilities with sustainability. This recyclable food packing material offers a guilt-free experience to consumers by being gentle on the environment but tough on food safety. These pouches can be used for packing masala powders & spices, ready to cook meals, sauce mixes, instant soups, and any other dry food.

        Features and advantages:

           a) These pouches are designed for recycling

           b) They meet all the sustainability targets

           c) They offer high barrier protection against moisture, oxygen and other gases

           d) These pouches are available in Mono PP and mono PE or mixed PP/PE

           e) To enable easy handling, pre-fixed zipper pouches are also available.

           f) Best suited to pack dry foods such as ready-to-cook meals, spices and
              condiments and frozen food.

3) Paper-based outer bags

Eco Friendly Packaging Bags, Eco Friendly Packaging Materials, Recyclable Packaging Material

           These eco-friendly packaging bags give an organic look and are the best   
           replacement for plastic outer bags making it look premium yet friendly.

         Features and advantages:

           a) Offers the best replacement to plastic outer bags with recyclable paper-based solution

           b) These are made from renewable resources

           c)  They offer custom eco-friendly packaging with a natural and organic look

           d)  They meet all the sustainability targets

           e)  They can also be customized as outer flow wraps

           f)   It is the best option as a secondary packaging to pack multi-unit items such as biscuits, confectionery and candies etc,


4)  Pillow packs for packing of snacks

pillow pack for snacks, recylable food packaging material, cute eco friendly packaging

The sustainable flexible packaging material used for making these pillow packs can be run on Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) packing machines and offers cute eco-friendly packaging and is also healthier for the environment. As it can also offer the see-through feature, it helps to boost sales. It is the best option to maintain the product shelf-life and to protect the contents without any compromise.

          Features & Advantages:

a) Recyclable packaging materials used for making these pillow packs.

                b)  They meet all the sustainability targets

                c)  They offer high barrier protection to the contents

                d)  These pillow packs can also be designed with transparent Recyclable packaging material

                e) They are available in mono-PP, mono PE, and mixed PP/PE recyclable structures for Vertical Form Fill Seal application

                  f)    The packaging material of these recyclable packaging bags is compatible with high packing line-speeds

                 g)    Pillow pack is the best suitable option for the packing of breakfast cereals, wafer chocolate, chips and popcorn, namkeens, and other light & dry products.

5) Plastic barrier tube laminates

Plastic Barrier Tube Laminates, Lamitube webstock

The eco-friendly packaging material used for making of these tubes offers a new way to serve personal care needs and hygiene with an optimized solution. It helps brands to meet their sustainability targets through improved recyclability and foil replacement.

            Features & Advantages:

               a) Recyclable packaging material is used for making these PE-based barriers tube laminates

               b) It is the best alternative for foil replacement

               c) These tube laminates are available in gauges between 240-400 microns

               d) Suitable for packing of skincare and body care products. Can also be used for oral care &
other personal care products


6) Single-serve packs

Single serve packs for coffee, Single Serve Packs for Tea Premix, Single Serve Packs for Soups

The eco-friendly single-serve packs offer ample barrier protection to the content along with on-the-go convenience, affordability, and variety as well. It delivers more value with smaller helpings with an eco-sensitive touch. 

Features & Advantages:

                 a)    Recyclable packaging material is used for making these single-serve packs.

                 b)    PP/PE polyolefin-based structures are used for making these laminates.

                 c)    They provide high-barrier protection

                 d)    The sustainable packaging material used for making these single-serve packs meet all the
sustainability targets

                 e)    They improve the consumer experience with the easy-tear features.

                 f)     It also offers portability conveniences and single-portioning

                 g)    These single-serve packs are highly suitable for packing shampoo, peanut butter, mayo, detergent,
powdered beverages, ketchup, jams, pickles, and many other edible and non-edible items.


Recently, very high efforts are taken towards maximizing the use of recycled materials in production and designing flexible packaging solutions that are completely recyclable and totally integrated into a circular economy. Many recycling programs are designed which contain significant steps towards achieving long-term and positive economic and environmental advantages.


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